Cluster MEDGreen

The Association is a Romanian juridical person, established under private law without patrimonial purpose, neguvernamentală, nongovernmental, apolitical and independent, which operates under Romanian Law, Romanian Government Ordinance no. 26/2000.


The purpose of Cluster MEDGreen is to facilitate and promote cooperation between enterprises, businesses research and educational institutions and other organizations, in order to contribute and support activities for the development of innovative products and services that are competitive both on the national and international markets, with high added value and to generate jobs and opportunities for the sustainable development of Medgidia City and the surrounding areas.



Objectives of the Association Cluster MEDGreen

The association acts to achieving the following objectives:





Members of the Association Cluster MEDGreen

Medgidia Municipality
Headquarters in 35, Decebal St., Medgidia, Constanta County

Apollo Ecoterm Ltd.
Headquarters in 15, Dezrobirii St., Medgidia, Constanţa County

ET Innovative Solutions Ltd.
Headquarters in 37, 1 Mai Blv., Bl. S5A, Ap. 8, Constanta, Constanţa County


ET Audit Energetic Ltd.
Headquarters in 37, 1 Mai Blv., Bl. S5A, Ap. 8, Constanta, Constanţa County

Solarom Ltd.
Headquarters in 12A, Naţional St., Topraisar, Constanţa County

Ecohornet Ltd.
Headquarters in 4, Italia St., Chiajna, Ilfov County



Monsson Alma Ltd.
Headquarters in Crucea Village, Galbiori, Constanţa County

Termorep Ltd.
Headquarters in 14-17, Nistor Dumitrescu St., Ramnicu Valcea, Valcea County

Arman Construction Ltd.
Headquarters in Tufeni, Olt County


Dache & Fiul Ltd.
Headquarters in 17, Berceni St., no. 17 Bl. 17, Sc. 1, Et. 4, Ap. 16, Berceni, Bucharest

Newagro Ltd.
Headquarters in 99, Aurel Vlaicu Blv., bl. AV2, Sc. A, et 2, ap.6, Constanta, Constanţa County

Solar DuoBest Ltd.
Headquarters in 9, Grigore Voda St., sector 4, Bucharest


Lower Danube University of Galaţi
Headquarters in 47, Domnească Av., Galaţi County

University of Bucharest
Headquarters in 36-46, Mihail Kogalniceanu Blv., Sector 5, Bucharest